Thank you for your interest in our puppy. Here at Dykumos Hounds, we aim to raise healthy and sound ridgebacks, who not only conform to the breed standard, but who make excellent family members first and foremost! Please answer all questions honestly. There are no answers that will automatically disqualify you from having one of our puppies. This questionnaire is meant to be a starting point to an open, honest dialog. Dishonesty is not the way to establish the kind of open, supportive relationships we want with our puppy buyers. Thank you.

    Puppy Questionnaire

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    Thank you for taking your time to fill out this puppy questionnaire. This questionnaire does not guarantee an approval for a Dykumos puppy. It was designed as a first step of our communication, and will be used to better match the right puppy to your needs and your lifestyle. While there are a lot of detailed questions, getting a puppy involves a lot of planning, and preparation since we expect the puppy to be a member of your family for the next 10-15 years. We are looking forward to further continuing this discussion with you!