Welcome our virtual home, where dogs are our best friends and our passion. We are relatively new to the breed, but we were blessed to start our adventure in the ridgeback world with wonderful dogs, and the help of great mentors.

Our dogs are very special to us, and we treat them as members of our family who get to share the prime spot by the fireplace, and who accompany us on all family vacations not involving crossing an ocean. We've enjoyed trying out different fields of fun with our dogs. So far we've tried out conformation, herding, hunting and obedience ring with great results! We have also participated in RRCUS endurance trial and are looking forward to participating in one this year once again! We're anxcious to set up an agility set at home so that we can start training our dogs for agility as well. And now we join forces in hopes to do more with our dogs and have even more fun while doing it!

We breed in accordance of RRCUS Code of Ethics and we strive to produce healthy functional dogs who conform to the breed standard and are capable of doing what they were bred for. We stress the importance of health, temperament, function and soundness in our ridgebacks.



Proud members of RRCUS (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US).

RRCUS treasurer from 2009 to present.




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