Welcome to our virtual home, which is still work in progress. Our journey in RR world began in 2007, when our foundation girl Isis joined our family. We bred our first litter in 2010, and now Isis shares our home with her daughter Hattie, niece Chava, and distant cousin Nyssa. We are located in Naples, FL. 

Our dogs are very special to us, and we treat them as family members who get to share prime spots in our living room, and who accompany us on all family vacations not involving crossing an ocean. We’ve enjoyed trying out different canine sports, such as conformation, herding, hunting, rally, lure coursing, and obedience ring with great results! We have also participated in RRCUS endurance trials, and are looking forward to participating once again! 

We breed in accordance with RRCUS Code of Ethics, and we strive to produce healthy functional dogs who conform to the breed standard and are capable of doing what they were bred for. We stress the importance of health, temperament, function, and soundness in our ridgebacks.


Proud members of RRCUS (Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US).